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Value-Enhancing Technology Due Diligence

Our Technology Due Diligence services aren’t just valuable for mergers and acquisitions; they can also benefit existing companies in various ways.

Here are some potential value-adds:

Technology Systems Health Check
Performing regular health checks on a company’s Technology infrastructure can identify potential issues before they become critical. This involves testing the robustness, performance, and security of all aspects of the Technology infrastructure, including servers, network equipment, and software applications.

Technology Process Improvement
Analyzing and assessing existing Technology processes can reveal inefficiencies or risks. Technology Due Diligence service can recommend process improvements and best practices to increase efficiency, mitigate risks, and align the Technology processes with business objectives.

Technology Cost Optimization
By reviewing the Technology expenditure, the service can identify potential areas for cost savings, such as redundant systems or services, under-utilized resources, or opportunities for automation.

Technology Alignment
The service can assess whether the company’s technology strategy aligns with its business strategy. If there is a misalignment, recommendations can be provided for technology investments that will better support the business objectives.

Digital Transformation Guidance
If a company is planning to undergo a digital transformation, an Technology Due Diligence service can help plan and oversee the transition. This includes identifying the best technologies to adopt, planning the implementation, and managing any associated risks.

High-Level Cybersecurity Review
A general review of the company’s cybersecurity measures can identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend improvements. This includes reviewing physical security, network and system security, and user access controls.  This could also identify the need for a deeper-dive cybersecurity review and/or testing.

Data Governance Review
The service can assess the company’s data management and governance practices. This includes reviewing data quality, data privacy and security, and the use of data analytics.

Technology Talent Evaluation
An assessment of the IT team can identify skills gaps and provide recommendations for training or hiring. This also includes reviewing the Technology team structure and roles, as well as any outsourcing arrangements.

Technology Due Diligence for existing companies entails a comprehensive Technology audit, with the goal of identifying opportunities for improvement, cost savings, and risk mitigation. The results can help guide the company’s Technology strategy to align it with business objectives, ensuring the Technology infrastructure is robust, secure, and efficient.


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