Cyber Defense Advisors

CMMC Preliminary Assessment

Understanding Your Starting Point:
An Overview to Gauge CMMC Readiness

Initiate your journey towards CMMC certification with Cyber Defense Advisors through our CMMC Preliminary Assessment service. Designed as a precursor to detailed gap analysis, this service provides an initial overview of where you stand based on discussions with your team and a review of fundamental aspects of your cybersecurity posture.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Initial Consultation: An introductory conversation to understand your organization’s current cybersecurity framework and familiarity with CMMC requirements.

  2. Basic Review: A cursory examination of your existing cybersecurity measures, policies, and procedures to identify obvious gaps in CMMC alignment.

  3. Readiness Snapshot: An early-stage assessment offering a high-level view of your readiness for CMMC certification, based on preliminary information.

  4. Effort & Value Discussion: An informed dialogue on the potential effort and resources required for certification, alongside the strategic value it may offer your organization.

  5. Pathway Exploration: Exploration of possible pathways towards achieving CMMC compliance, tailored to your organization’s unique situation and objectives.

  6. Recommendation for Next Steps: Guidance on whether to proceed to a more detailed gap analysis, considering the preliminary findings and your strategic priorities.

  7. Awareness Building: An opportunity to increase your understanding of CMMC standards, the certification process, and its implications for your business.

Our CMMC Preliminary Assessment is the ideal first step for organizations considering the journey to CMMC certification. It provides an essential foundation for decision-making, allowing you to approach the certification process with confidence and clarity. With Cyber Defense Advisors, gain a trusted partner who can illuminate the path forward, ensuring you’re well-informed and strategically aligned from the outset.

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