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Value-Enhancing Application Due Diligence

Our Applications Due Diligence service provides comprehensive assessment and review of software applications to evaluate their quality, scalability, sustainability, security, and overall value for your business. The primary goal is to provide the necessary insight and information for a company to make informed decisions, particularly in scenarios like mergers, acquisitions, investments, system upgrades, or major strategic changes.

The scope of such a service usually encompasses the following aspects:

Technical Assessment
This includes a deep analysis of the software architecture, code quality, system performance, and scalability. Our service employs experts who can assess the software’s design, development practices, technical debt, and more.

Security Evaluation
This involves assessing applications’ security measures, including data protection, encryption, vulnerability assessment, and potential risks of cyber-attacks. Compliance with relevant security standards and regulations is also reviewed.

Operational Evaluation
We dive deeply into how the application is maintained, deployed, and updated. The aspects considered include DevOps practices, change control, incident response, and disaster recovery plans.

Legal & Compliance Review
This involves an evaluation of compliance with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, or any other applicable laws. Intellectual property rights and licensing obligations are also examined.

Financial Analysis
This involves assessing the financial implications of the application, including the cost of development, maintenance, necessary upgrades, and potential return on investment.

User Experience Assessment
This looks at how the software is used and received by its intended users. It could include user satisfaction surveys, usability testing, and reviews of user interface and experience design.

Market Position
This assesses the application’s position in the market, its competition, and its potential for growth.

Our Applications Due Diligence service presents its findings in a detailed report, providing recommendations for actions to be taken based on the assessments. These could range from suggesting technical improvements, identifying potential security vulnerabilities to be addressed, to recommending a complete overhaul of the application or even suggesting not to proceed with an acquisition if too many red flags are found.


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