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CJIS Compliance

CJIS is a division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) responsible for providing criminal justice information, including criminal history records, fingerprints, and other related data, to law enforcement agencies, criminal justice entities, and authorized individuals.

CJIS compliance refers to the standards and requirements that govern the handling, management, and protection of this sensitive criminal justice information. CJIS compliance standards include specific policies, procedures, and technical controls that must be implemented to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of criminal justice information.

To be CJIS compliant, law enforcement agencies, criminal justice entities, and authorized individuals must undergo a rigorous security review process that includes background checks, security awareness training, and compliance audits. Organizations must also implement specific technical controls, such as secure communication channels, access controls, audit trails, and encryption, to protect criminal justice information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

CJIS compliance is critical for ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of criminal justice information and maintaining public trust in the criminal justice system. Failure to comply with CJIS standards can result in significant fines, legal liabilities, and loss of access to criminal justice information. Organizations that handle or access criminal justice information must ensure they are CJIS compliant.

Our CJIS Compliance services include:

CJIS Gap Analysis
We’ll analyze your current systems and procedures, identifying areas that need attention to ensure full compliance.

Policy Development & Review
Drafting and refining policies that align with CJIS standards.

System & Architecture Review
Making sure that your IT infrastructure adheres to CJIS requirements.

Employee Background Checks
Ensuring that individuals with access to CJI undergo appropriate screenings.

Ongoing Compliance Monitoring
Regular checks to ensure that your organization remains compliant over time.

Why choose CDA?

With years of experience in the realm of CJIS, our consultants possess deep knowledge about its nuances and requirements.

Customized Approach
Every organization is unique. We tailor our strategies to fit the specific needs and contexts of your agency or business.

End-to-End Support
From initial assessment to ongoing compliance monitoring, we’re with you at every stage.

Training Solutions
We provide tailored training sessions to ensure your team understands and can effectively implement CJIS standards.

Our CJIS Compliance Service can help safeguard your organization’s sensitive information.


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