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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification is a cybersecurity standard developed by the US Department of Defense (DoD) that aims to enhance the cybersecurity posture of defense contractors and protect the supply chain of the US military.

CMMC compliance refers to the requirements and guidelines that defense contractors must meet to obtain certification under the CMMC standard. The CMMC framework consists of five levels of cybersecurity maturity, with each level building upon the previous one to achieve a higher level of cybersecurity maturity.

To achieve CMMC compliance, defense contractors must undergo a third-party assessment conducted by a certified assessor. The assessment evaluates the contractor’s compliance with the CMMC framework and assigns a certification level based on the contractor’s cybersecurity maturity.

The CMMC framework includes a range of cybersecurity practices and controls, including access control, incident response, system and information integrity, and risk management. The specific requirements for each level of CMMC certification are based on the contractor’s role in the defense supply chain and the sensitivity of the information they handle.

CMMC compliance is mandatory for all defense contractors that handle sensitive defense information and work with the DoD. Failure to comply with the CMMC standard can result in the loss of contracts, legal liabilities, and reputational damage. Defense contractors must ensure they are CMMC compliant to continue doing business with the DoD.

Our CMMC Compliance services include:

CMMC Readiness Assessment
We’ll evaluate your current cybersecurity practices against CMMC requirements to identify gaps and provide a roadmap for achieving compliance.

Documentation & Policy Development
Our experts will help you craft or refine policies, procedures, and documentation that align with CMMC requirements.

Implementation Guidance
We will guide your team through the technical and procedural changes necessary to meet CMMC standards.

Mock Audits
Before the real assessment, we conduct a mock audit to prepare your organization and identify any last-minute issues.

Training & Awareness
Equip your team with the knowledge they need. Our training modules are tailored to your organization’s needs, ensuring everyone understands their role in maintaining compliance.

Continuous Monitoring & Improvement
As the cybersecurity landscape changes, we ensure your organization adapts and evolves with it.

Benefits of CMMC Compliance:

Win More Contracts
Achieving CMMC compliance will position your company to be eligible for more DoD contracts.

Enhance Cybersecurity
Beyond compliance, your organization will benefit from strengthened cybersecurity practices, protecting sensitive data and maintaining trust.

Cost Savings
A breach can be costly. By preventing potential cybersecurity incidents, you save valuable time and money.

Why choose CDA?

Our team of professionals holds in-depth knowledge of the CMMC framework and has assisted numerous organizations in achieving and maintaining compliance.

Tailored Solutions
Every organization is unique, and we design our solutions to fit your specific needs and challenges.

Ongoing Support
Compliance is a journey, not a destination. We offer continuous support to ensure you remain compliant as standards evolve.

Our CMMC Compliance service can help safeguard your organization’s sensitive information.


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